2017 Adventure Race

There was a lot of suspense surrounding the 2017 Adventure Race due to an extra week of waiting because of wet weather. The day finally arrived and despite the still wet ground we had a cracker of a day! The Adventure Race always changes and 2017 brought some new elements into the race. The whole race was navigational and students had to run, paddle, ride, swim and complete mystery challenges in order to complete all checkpoints. The mass start was a sight to behold with over 300 students leaving the starting area in all directions! The mystery challenges included teamwork in helping everyone over the suspended log, under overs, an element of basketball precision and also negotiating a possible shortcut over the water via rope bridges. Some students remained drier and cleaner than others but everyone finished with an adventurous experience! Well done to Fraser House who won the carnival on the day and also to the following individuals who completed the course solo and were winners in their age groups. Special mention to Austin from Year 9 who beat every team and every individual on the day by at least five minutes.

Overall House Winner – Fraser

Senior Boys Winner – Boston, Year 12

Senior Girls Winner – Kailee, Year 12

Junior Boys Winner – Austin, Year 9