2018 Adventure Race

Massive well done to Stradbroke who were the overall winners of the day! The anticipation on the day was at an all-time high. After the starting gun was fired, the adrenalin kicked in and inspired some outstanding efforts. Well done to all the winning teams in each of the year level groups. Maybe the heroes of the day were the individuals who took on the challenging course solo. Joshua Jakovac came in convincing 1st place with a time of 32min. Special mention also to Mr Benard who taught the students a lesson on adventure racing with a win for the teachers. Another significant battle was on between the Tams family with Jaxon, Kalon and Mr Tams racing it out against each other. Some good navigating by Kalon saw him sail over the line in second place overall, beating dad and older brother! Well done also to the first place female solo athlete, only 8min behind the first place male, Tiana Vescovi!

House Winners:

Year 7 Boys – Fraser

Year 7 Girls – Stradbroke

Year 8 Boys – Stradbroke

Year 8 Girls – Stradbroke

Year 9 Boys – Stradbroke

Year 9 Girls – Fraser

Year 10 Boys – Fraser

Year 10 Girls – Moreton

Year 12 Boys – Stradbroke

Year 12 Girls – Fraser

Individual Winners:

Junior Girls – Alex Farrence

Junior Boys – Corran O’Shea

Intermediate Girls – Tiana Vescovi

Intermediate Boys – Kalon Tams

Senior Girls – Semika Evans

Senior Boys – Joshua Jakovac