Bronze Practice Walk – D of E

August 6-7, 2017

Early Sunday morning on 6 August, a group of twenty four students hiked from Boombana Day Use Area near Mount Nebo down to the camp at Blue Gum Flats.  There were  four groups and four different routes to our campsite requiring a steady descent down into the valley. One involved more than a dozen creek crossings, another required navigation down a ridge where their was no track and a compass bearing had to be followed. A third involved a hike along an untracked ridge before descending into a creek. Once in the creek there was  some rock hopping along a beautiful watercourse before a rough track was met some distance down. The creek crossings in some years  past have involved wading through flowing water but with the drier conditions in recent years the creek in the valley was a gentle trickle with enough water to form some interesting waterholes. The different groups arrived at different times with one group testing their night walking ability.

Blue Gum Flats is a very nice grassy area under some large Blue Gum trees by the creek—a very nice idealistic Aussie campsite. The weather was almost perfect for walking, warm and sunny during the day and mild at night.  That night there were a few heavy showers just to test just how waterproof our tents were.

All groups were up early and keen to get a good start. The walk out via a different route for each group the next day (Monday) was uneventful but it was a great exercise in the group working together to get out in time. There were some very big hills to climb on the way out testing the combination of pack weight and fitness level.  All groups navigated well and made it out on time as planned.

Thank you to our team of volunteers  Miss Jasmine Bullock, Mr Rob Petrie, Mr Daniel Born,  Miss Claudia Houstoun,  Mr Hobson and Mr Wilson. We look forward to the final Qualifying camp when all groups get to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in the fine art of bushwalking.

Northpine Christian College is proud to provide students an opportunity to be part of “The International Duke of Edinburgh Award”.  This is a youth award open to any young person from 14 years and it challenges students to develop in a holistic way.  For information see Mr Hobson or Mr Wilson or check out the link