Chaplain’s Chat

Service to Others Really Does Matter

Before the holidays we asked the question, “Does service to others really matter?” Well, we found out that it certainly does. Over the holidays we had 75 students and staff out and about in a Storm Co shirt. 56 in total in rural Queensland and 19 over in Cambodia.

A week full of Kids Clubs, community service and a whole heap of fun. Blackwater and Eidsvold didn’t know what hit it with 40 of our Northpine students moving around the streets fixing up the place, the sound of the low growl of mowers moving around the yards of the locals and the smell of two stroke fuel in the air let everyone in town know that we were around. Throughout the week the students were given the task of secretly doing something for another member of the team. The students excelled at this project and each night was like Christmas. Our students did us proud out at Blackwater and Eidsvold as they always do. The locals and all those who went on the trip can’t wait until June next year.

Here are just a few statements from various students:

“The people on the Blackwater Storm Co trip became like family to me. I had so many wonderful experiences. Being a part of a service trip felt like you were doing something worthwhile with your time. I went expecting to help others, but I feel the trip helped me more than anything. Being on the trip was an amazing experience, especially seeing how everyone looked out for others and went the extra mile to make someone else’s day. The trip made me feel that I was part of a team and I know that if I ever need it, the 24 others on the Blackwater Storm Co trip all have my back.”  – Cheyanna

“The Blackwater trip was really fun. What I enjoyed the most were the fun interactions that everyone had, mainly because of their own little quirks and personalities. Helping out in the community and meeting new people was also really fun as well.” – Ethan

“Storm Co is an amazing adventure to experience that is full of excitement and pleasure. The fulfilment in your heart when you hear the stories of the parents at kids club or the stories that you here while doing community service. This was my third year at Blackwater and to see the impact we have on the town every time we go is amazing. The best part is getting to bond with the people on the trip, you get to know them better and build a friendship with them.” – Lachlan

So what is this Storm Co thing and why does everyone rave about it?

Storm Co. is a youth initiative of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It started out of our sister school Brisbane Adventist College when a group of students and their Chaplain headed to Charlieville. Its mission is to send teams of trained young people to work for, learn from, and encourage individual communities; sharing God’s love by building bridges to all peoples through an adventure in service to others. Storm Co. is an acronym that stands for Service To Others Really Matters Company.

The 5 Foundations of Storm Co.

No Agenda!

Storm Co. teams enter a community with the express purpose of building a relationship with that community.  A team will go first to listen, and then to serve.

No Expectations!

Storm Co. teams commit to service.  They will work for a community and learn from them.  Their goals is to serve without compensation.

No Walls!

Storm Co. teams are committed to support Christianity above denominational barriers.  They have a mandate to encourage others in their walk with God.

No Limits!

Storm Co. teams maintain a relationship with the community.  Their goal is to return and be an ongoing positive influence in the community.

No Fear!

Storm Co. teams are built through worship.  They will not be afraid to stand for their God as they serve in the community.

-Simon Hutton, Chaplain