Chaplain’s Chat

Round and round we go

Sound the trumpets the Melbourne Cup is on today. They call it the race that stops the nation. The horses line up, jockeys are ready to go, the crowd goes silent… in a split second a rush of sound swoops around the racecourse, as the horses and riders thunder around the track. As they reach the final corner everyone watches with intent and excitement as the horses turn and bolt down the final straight. Last year the nation stopped for three minutes and twenty seconds while the horses ran around the track.

Our lives are much like those horses running the race. We feel that we are galloping along with some people by our side while the bulk of the population just sits on the sideline and watches as we run our race. Or maybe you feel as though God is sitting on the side of the race track watching us running our own race and we don’t feel like we can connect with Him at all. So round and round we go, chasing our tails.

Our lives will be changed when we realise that God cares far less about how busy we become running circles, than about who we are becoming. The most abundant life is simple; it is more of Jesus. How do we get more of Jesus?

  1. Be Still – Instead of running around in circles Be still and Know (Psalms 46:10).
  2. Prayer – Communicate with Him (Matthew 6:9-13).
  3. Listen – It is not a one way communication with Him, make sure you listen for an answer.
  4. Read the Bible – Read the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16).
  5. Love others – Simple—Love God and Love others (Luke 10:27).
  6. Praise Jesus – In everything that is going on take the time to praise Jesus (Psalms 22:3).
  7. Give Back – God doesn’t need anything from us but He does tell us to give generously. Giving changes the giver as much, if not more than the receiver. (Luke 6:38).

When we fill our diaries like a horse running round and round a track we find ourselves feeling worn out and hopeless. We don’t need to strive for abundance because Jesus has already given it to us. He is exactly what we need.