Chaplain’s Chat

What to get for the lady in your life for Valentine’s Day

Skip the chocolates and roses. Oh wait a minute, you should probably still get those! Flowers might last a week and the chocolates, well, let’s face it, they won’t last even that long. Even jewellery could possibly one day end up in the back of the top drawer in the bedside table.

If you want to give your significant other the gift that will keep on giving, start seeing the lady in your life as God does. This will not just change your Valentine’s Day, but your relationship. You will see she is a daughter of God and that she should be treated that way.

Here are three ways you can do that:

  1. Listen

One of the many words used to describe love in the Bible is ‘patience’. Patiently listening to the cares and thoughts of your wife will make her feel valued. 1 Peter 3:7 encourages blokes to be ‘considerate’ and ‘understanding’ towards their wives. Well let’s face it, blokes are never likely to understand women, but we can still have a crack at being understanding.

  1. Encourage

After listening to the goings on in your wife’s life, offer her kind words of encouragement. Colossians 3:19 tells us to “love our wives and not be harsh with them.”  You see words can hold the power of life and healing or the opposite. Words spoken to your wife will not only impact your marriage, but also her picture of herself and relationship with Jesus.

  1. Pursue

You’re not expected to know every hair on her head like God does, but pursuit means simply giving her you undivided attention. What does she like or dislike? What does she need? You know, those things…

It may take some extra time and effort but Ephesians 5:25 calls blokes to love their wives sacrificially like Jesus loves us. Pursue her because you love her and because you believe she’s valuable just like God declares her valuable.

-Simon Hutton, Chaplain