Chaplain’s Chat

The Kindness Project

One simple act of kindness can change someone’s world. Throughout this term the Chaplaincy Department has launched ‘The Kindness Project’ in the High School. All term the students have been challenged to think outside themselves. Last week during chapel we launched The Kindness Project Money Challenge.

For this challenge we took $400, donated by some of our Northpine staff and the Chaplaincy Department, and split it into 8 envelopes. The students then approached the chaplains in groups with a minimum of three people to register their interest in the project. The number of students who were keen to lend a hand was outstanding. We could only take the first eight. Last week in chapel we gave out six of the eight envelopes to the Middle School Groups and this week we have given out two to our Senior School. We are excited to see where this project leads.

Once the students had the envelopes they were not to open them for a week, but they were to pray over them as a group and devise a way in which they could multiply their money. Once the period of focused prayer time is up the following couple of weeks they are to put their plans into action. Once they have increased their money the teams are to prayerfully use all the money to help others.

Please continue to pray for this project as the students look to multiply their monetary donations.

Special Speaker – Eric Bailey

On Tuesday this week the Year 11 and 12 students were fortunate to watch a presentation by Eric Bailey during their Chapel program. Turning Pro is a motivational program aimed at helping students to realise their skills and the behaviours they need to adopt to realise their full potential. These actions do not rely on school grades, physical ability or experience. Eric Bailey entwined his personal story of overcoming adversity through a guided presentation. He encouraged students to take responsibility for decisions and behaviours that are within their power to change.

We thank RACQ for generously providing this program free of charge.


This holiday period is when we will head out on our annual Storm Co trips. Many inspiring acts of service take place in each community and team members enjoy forging new friendships.

Please read the report from previous years:

As soon as they saw STORM CO turn up in town, Eidsvold locals became very excited to have them back to their community.

In Blackwater, there was a buzz in the community, particularly from the families of younger children who have loved attending past Kids Club Programs – “We were so excited to have the group of students back to run Kids Club this year. It has become an annual event looked forward to by our local young people,” said Joshua Clutterbuck, a Youth Worker and resident of Blackwater.

Northpine students also engaged in a number of different projects while in town, including the building of a deck at the local Information Centre, helping out at the Council Pound and cleaning up PCYC.

This year we are super excited to be heading out to a new community, Monto. We hope that we are able to connect with this community like other communities in the past. We know that all the students and staff will represent Northpine well as they go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Love talked about is easily ignored but love displayed is irresistible!!!

-Simon Hutton, Chaplain