Chaplain’s Chat

A CTRL+Z Start to the Year

There is definitely something refreshing about starting a new year. Maybe you’re looking forward to something exciting that will happen in 2017. Maybe 2016 was difficult, and you’re just happy to say good bye to it. A New Year gives us that opportunity to hit CTRL+Z, to reset or restart.

At the beginning of every year we receive advice on how to make the most of your new reset life. They may suggest a change in diet, a new gym, new study programs, new financial suggestions, or even new relationships. Could there be something else that we should consider, something that includes all those areas of our life and more.

How can you start the New Year well? Well it can be answered in three easy words…

Read your Bible. (if you haven’t got a Bible come see us in Chaplaincy and we’d love to help you out).

It’s as simple as that.

The goal isn’t just to read little bits and pieces and go back to the rest of your life unaffected. The goal of reading your Bible should be to know God better and discover the way He wants us to live.

What’s so important about an old book? How will it make a difference in 2017?

The Power of Words

There is a text in 2 Timothy that states that all Scripture is inspired by God, and He communicates His truth and love through its words. By reading the Bible, we learn that Jesus came to rescue us. He gives us what we need (not what we want) to live our lives with purpose and meaningful connections.

When we experience the truth revealed in this book, we’re given the opportunity to change.

The Bible is a powerful tool God uses throughout our life. No matter how long you’ve been reading the Bible, there is always more to learn. Each time we open the Bible, God shows us something new that will point us in the right direction for change.

As 2017 starts to roll forward, walk with Jesus by reading the Bible. The Bible itself promises that God’s words do not return to Him empty, but accomplishes what He desires (Isaiah 55:8-11). What he wants for our 2017 is one hundred times better than anything we can imagine.

Do you want to see how much your New Year and your life can be changed by God? Read your Bible and follow Jesus, step by step.

-Simon Hutton, Chaplain