Healthy Lunches

With our busy schedules, preparing and packing a healthy lunchbox can sometimes be a difficult task.

However, when packing a lunchbox for your child, you should remember that you are providing them with a supply of food that will be nutritious enough to take them through the day with the energy they need to function, both body and mind.

Here are 4 important items you should include in your child’s lunchbox.

  1. Main lunch item – examples include a sandwich, roll or wrap based on whole meal grains or a salad.
  2. Nutritious snack – such as veggie sticks and hummus, yoghurt or boiled egg.
  3. Fresh fruit – whatever is in season.
  4. Drink – always include a water bottle.

Remembering the four items above will give your child the best opportunities to focus, learn and flourish in their new classroom environment in 2017.