Lemonade Helps More Than the Thirsty

Over the course of Term 3 of this school year at Northpine Christian College, the Student Chaplains decided to fund raise for a very worthy cause. Every Friday at lunchtime, they set up a lemonade stand and sold cups of lemonade for fifty cents each. They were able to raise over $120 during the course of the term and all proceeds went to Hagar International. This is a charity that works with victims of violence and sex slavery in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. $120 may not seem like a huge amount, but according to Hagar’s website, $20 buys enough books and materials to teach one woman to read, $30 buys intensive counselling services for one month and $100 pays for a week of care at Hagar Women’s Shelter.

We are proud of these students who decided to take time out of their busy schedules in order to help their fellow human beings.