Library Mural Competition

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered into our Library Mural Competition! We had so many fantastic drawings handed in that Mr. Baird couldn’t pick just one, and has instead picked a selection of elements from fifteen of the artworks that will be combined into one large mural across the back wall.

The students who will have their artwork featured in the mural are:

Hamish McPherson (Year 3), Mischa Luton (Year 3), Asela Mosese (Year 2), Pearl Rabbas (Year 6), Findlay Meighan (Year 4), Eilidh Meighan (Year 6), Serena Xavier (Year 5), Peter Koolik (Year 3), Kaliesha Coyte (Year 10), Alex Pettifer (Year 7), Jada Palu (Year 7), Ryan Knibb (Year 2), Rhylee Hurley (Year 3), Tiana Borody (Year 4), Patrick Naura (Year 2).

The artwork will be painted onto the library wall over these holidays, so come check out the library next year to see the final picture!

-Mrs Millist, Librarian