Life Education


The Life Education Team and Harold the Giraffe will be visiting

Northpine Christian College

 From 6th to 15th February 2017


Life Education motivates and empowers young people to make smart life choices for a healthy future. The following modules will be presented to the different year levels:


Harold and his friends have gone camping, but when someone gets injured on a hiking expedition, how will they look after each other and make it back to camp? This module helps children to problem solve and focuses on:

-recognizing safe and unsafe environments

-how to care for others

-how good nutrition and physical activity contribute to social and emotional health

-behaviours that maintain friendships

-places and people who we can go to for help.

Monday, 6 Feb                       Year 1A – 9:00am             Year 1B – 11:00am             Year 1C – 1:30pm


Students identify social, personal situations and consequences that may place young people at risk from alcohol.  This includes physical development, social interaction, as well as social pressures and influences.  Students will discuss, compare and develop strategies to avoid the harmful consequences of alcohol misuse.

Tuesday, 7 Feb               Year 6B – 9:00am           Year 6A – 11:00am        Tuesday, 14 Feb           Year 6C – 9:00am


Inside a futuristic machine ‘The Venture’, the Captain and his crew take the class on a tour of the human body.  Travelling through the blood we explore the functions of various body parts and how magnificent the human body really is .The students discuss issues and engage in activities centered on peer pressure, second hand smoking, safety with medicines, factors that influence the function of body systems.

Wednesday, 8 Feb                  Year 4A – 9:00am                  Year 4B – 11:00am             Year 4C – 1:30pm


Harold battles to figure out what to give his grandma for her birthday, until his friends; Boots and Red step in and offer some good ideas. They explore what health messages mean. How to identify safety signs. They also explore how to recognize how physical activity and nutrition contribute to a healthy lifestyle, as well as how positive relationships benefit our health and well-being.

Thursday, 9 Feb                      Year 2A – 9:00am             Year 2B – 11:00am             Year 2C – 1:30pm


This module offers a choice of content on legal drugs or legal and illegal drugs. Students explore the decision-making process and improve decision making skills by looking at choices, consequences, responsibility, facts, and influences. • what is a drug and how drugs are classified • effects of drugs on the body • analysing health messages about drugs in the media • messages around non-use – normative data – dispelling myths • influences on decision making – family, peers, media, culture, financial, legal • strategies and skills to be safe.

Friday, 10 Feb                  Year 5A – 9:00am            Year 5B – 11:00am        Tuesday, 14 Feb           Year 5C – 11:00am


After building a model spaceship at school, Harold and his friends, Boots and Red venture into an imaginary world in outer space. As the adventure unfolds children explore: How to build friendships and care for others. Feelings and emotions. How nutrition and physical activity affects how we think and feel. Safe and unsafe situations and early warning signs. Safe places and people to turn to for help.

Monday, 13 Feb                      Prep A – 9:00am             Prep B – 11:00am            Prep C – 1:30pm


The Children are invited to read Harold’s Diary as he shares stories relating to bullying, feelings, developing coping strategies, safety with medicines and the importance of making healthy food choices.

Wednesday, 15 Feb                 Year 3A  – 9:00am              Year 3B – 11:00am              Year 3C – 1:30pm


TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY AT 2:30PM IN THE LIFE EDUCATION VAN (bus parking area – behind the Library)