Living Better – Focus for Week 10 – Respect

A Wellbeing and Resilience Values Program initiative for Prep to Year 6 Students in 2019

This week teachers will explain to students that they are going to learn about respect.  They will be told that respect is showing proper regard for the rights, feelings and wishes of others.  The Bible calls this honouring.  The example in the 5th commandment in the Bible, where we are told to honour or respect our parents will be shared with the students.  Students will also participate in activities which demonstrate respect for one another.

After participating in the different activities, students will have an opportunity to discuss what they know and understand about the topic, ‘respect’.  They will be given opportunities to provide examples of how they work together, how they help each other and how important it is to show respect.

In life we all have to respect everyone. It is not always a matter of winners and losers.  When it comes to respecting each other, we have to think about others and care for others.  When we respect others, we put them first, we think of what they need and how they feel.  Respect is really just obeying the Golden Rule, which is to always treat others the way you want to be treated.

When we respect adults, we listen to them and obey.

Always knowing how to give respect can sometimes be difficult, even for adults, but God tells us to do this and He can and will help us if we ask Him.