Merit Awards

Congratulations to our weekly Infant and Junior School award winners! Our students continue to excel in so many areas. Infants had no parade in Week 4, and there were no parades in Week 5. Here are the names of our most recent Merit Award winners:

Class Week 4
3A Princess Makedenge
Slater Yates
3B Eliza Meale
Karson Grimsey
3C Indiana Keck
Tieralee Taylor-Palmer
4A Patrick Naura
Ayrton Arthur
4B Nadia Tunufai
Oliver Pearce
4C Max Krueger
Ruby Hill
5A Mikaela Schloss
Meisha Krol
5B Claire Meale
Piper Ormond
5C Jess Sarimbu
Pierson Castle
6B Camron Bardwell
Maxwell O’Leary
6C William Ford
Hayden Johnston
Music (3-6) Lochlin Falls
PE (3-6) Maddison Hill
Ethan Brownlee
Digital Tech (P-3) Bella Camps
Aleeyah Hulley
Digital Tech (4-6) Roman Van Moere
LOTE Meisha Krol
Nathan Dalman

Tidy Room Awards

Week                Infant School                                 Junior School

4 No Parade 5C
5 No Parade No Parade

Juniors Week 4