Mr Minns Gifted With Casio Calculators

Classes at Northpine Christian College have been using Casio calculators for many years. As Maths HOD, Mr Ray Minns has had regular contact with the office staff at Casio in Sydney while also attending locally-run Casio Workshops.  Northpine is also a “Prime School” with Casio, which gives us rewards such as extra calculators, free licences for calculator software, free calculator emulator software, as well as free gifts of calculator storage cases and calculator manuals. Casio has been quite generous with this program.

In July this year, while attending a Casio Workshop at Mooloolaba, Ray was asked to be a speaker at a Maths Mini-Conference run by Casio at Novotel at the Brisbane Airport on 29 September.  It ran all day and he was one of six presenters to run an hour-long workshop on some aspect of Maths which involve the use of graphic calculators.  Two of the other presenters were from Queensland; two were flown in from SA and one from WA.

Ray’s topic was “Exploratory Assessment”. He presented four Maths Projects that enable students to gather raw data from their environment and use that data to gain mathematical insights that link back to the “theory” covered in class.  This enables students to gather data that will be unique to them.  No two students will have the same data, yet all will have “correct” answers if they have followed the theory correctly. All these projects have been run at Northpine.

At the end of Ray’s talk, he was publically thanked and presented with a class set of 20 Casio Graphic Calculators (fx-CG50AU), which he is donating to the Northpine Maths Department. Ray enjoys sharing something mathematical with others, and the gift of 20 graphic calculators is just a bonus. These are the latest versions which are being rolled out ready for 2018 and are worth about $230 each. The full value of the calculators and cases is about $4600.

Ray has also been given an invitation to present at future Casio Workshops anywhere in the country, all expenses paid. Northpine Christian College would like to thank Casio for their generous gift and congratulate Ray on his many accomplishments!