Northpine Helps Farmers

On Friday 17 August, the whole school participated in “Farmer Friday”. Students and staff dressed as farmers and brought donations for “A fiver for a Farmer”, which is an organisation that gives relief to farming families in need during the prolonged drought. Many families went above and beyond the gold coin donation and gave $5, $10 and $20 notes. Jessica, Cameron and Daniel from Year 7 gave $150 they had raised during the Chaplaincy’s “Kindness Project”. At the end of the day, the Northpine Christian College community had raised over $3,000 for farmers!

Meanwhile, the Northpine Childcare and Early Learning Centre has also been doing their part to help farmers. During the last two weeks, they have been raising money for “Buy a Bale”, which helps rural farmers with drought relief.

So far they have raised $1,080 and money is still coming in. Northpine Childcare Administrator Kelly Griffith said, “It is an amazing achievement from our families for such a worthy cause”. They have had families donate items for silent auctions as well.

One little girl, Sophia, donated her whole money box totalling $140, after she heard about the farmers struggling through drought. She wanted to give everything in her money box to help the farmers.

Her mum thanked the teachers at the childcare, saying “Thank you for teaching the kids about kindness and compassion. Gave me the opportunity to have a talk with Sophia about that and she got so touched to help that she decided to donate all her coins she was saving to buy her brother a car”.