Northpine Martial Arts Standout

Northpine Student Alfie Bullock, Year 3, was given six achievement awards for his outstanding results in Karate and Kickboxing competitions at the Gold Coast last weekend. He was awarded these for his continued excellence in tournaments and his outstanding sportsmanship and application of the rules. He trains three to four times a week on the condition he completes all his homework first.

Through martial arts, Alfie has been able to improve his concentration, discipline, health, confidence and integrity. His parents are very proud of what he has accomplished.

Alfie won an event held in Toowoomba earlier this year. He recently entered another event in the Gold Coast and secured five Gold Medal positions. He is the current Australian Champion in three different divisions in the International Sports Karate Association ISKA. On Saturday 28 April he was invited to the ISKA Gala Dinner in Mermaid Waters, where he received six outstanding achievement awards. He also won his first Junior World Title last year.

His martial arts practice assists with his discipline, concentration, and fine motor skills. He is a very good sportsman and never contravenes the rules because he is a firm advocate of fair play. Northpine would like to congratulate Alfie on his achievements and wish him luck in his future competitions.