Northpine Mufti Day

Northpine Christian College will have a Mufti Day on the final day of Term 2 – Friday, June 29, 2018. Gold Coin donations on this day will assist our sister schools in Samoa.

Mr Baird, Mr Blake and Mr Tams will be accompanied by Administrators from the other South Queensland Adventist Schools and will be visiting some of the schools in Samoa during the school break. They will personally be handing over the funds collected for these schools.

In order to promote this cause amongst the students, our theme for the upcoming Mufti Day will be an “Island” theme. We encourage the students to come dressed modestly in their Hawaiian shirts and other Island style clothing, on this day.

Thank you for your assistance with this as we plan to end the term in an enjoyable way and help our sister schools in Samoa at the same time.