Northpine Strings and DeepBlue

Last Wednesday afternoon, many of our Northpine strings students were treated to a workshop with DeepBlue, string players from around Brisbane who became immensely popular after their performances on Australia’s Got Talent! The workshop culminated in a spectacular evening performance. Year 3 strings students looked and sounded incredibly smart for their opening performance of three songs.  They were followed by Colin Willcocks (Year 9 student) and Mr Toby Saltwell (Northpine lower strings teacher) who expertly performed two cello duets. The evening then moved into a DeepBlue segment where the audience was treated with an entertaining and varied set of songs, a theremin competition, and of course one of the favourite items of the evening, our string ensemble students combined with DeepBlue to perform Coldplay’s Viva La Vida.

Well done to all students and staff involved in putting on such an incredible event.

-Ms Aimee Page, Music Director