Parents and Friends Walk-a-thon 3 November

The Northpine Christian College Parent & Friends Association Walk-a-thon is a great fundraiser. Students are able to help raise money for their school while having the benefit of exercise and fun as they walk the course.

The top three fundraisers will receive an awesome prize!

Prizes will be awarded during Parade in Week 7. The best-dressed class will receive a pizza party!

Download your sponsorship form HERE.

Running Sheet:

Morning: Shawn Brosnan (P&F) and volunteers set up the course
11:00am Prep start 1. 4 km  (40 min)
11:20am Year 1 start 1. 4 km  (40 min)
11:40pm Year 2 start 1. 4 km  (40 min)
12:40pm Lunch
1:30pm Year 3 start 2.8km  (60 to 80 min)
1:37pm Year 4 start 2.8km  (60 to 80 min)
1:43pm Year 5 start 2.8km  (60 to 80 min)
1:50pm Year 6 start 2.8km  (60 to 80 min)


Prep A Minions
Prep B Mother Hen and Chicks
Prep C Preps in Pyjamas
1A Monkey Hats
1B Monkey Hats
1C Monkey Hats
2A African Animals
2B African Animals
2C African Animals
3A Under The Sea
3B Going To The Beach
3C Crazy Hats
4A 80’s Athletics Wear
4B Cards
4C Beach Theme
5A Fluro
5B Fancy Ties & Fantastic Socks
5C Crazy Hair/Sunglasses
6A Crazy Hats
6B Crazy Hats
6C Crazy Hats