Primary Stormforce Service Program

The Primary School is learning how to actively serve others in our school community, participating in an initiative called Stormforce. Classes are given a service challenge to complete during the term. This term Years 3 and 4 have been challenged to meet with one high-school class to pray with them or give them something to brighten their day.

On Wednesday, 2 May, Year 4A trekked across the school to meet up with the Year 12 class. The class had carefully prepared some emoji faces with messages and treats attached to give to the Year 12 students.  Several Year 4 students prayed for the Year 12 class and then the messages and treats were handed out. To finish off, Year 4 students gave each Year 12 a ‘high five’. It was evident by the smiles on their faces, that Year 12 enjoyed the act of service. We hope that they feel encouraged and supported as they journey through their final busy terms at school.