Primary Stormforce

As a part of their Stormforce Challenge, the Infant School wrote letters to someone in the community. Preps wrote to the fire fighters, Year 1 wrote to the police officers and Year 2 wrote to the paramedics.

Mrs Heidi Richardson, Year 2 teacher, received a thank you from the North Lakes Ambulance Station and the above photo. They have our students’ letters displayed on a wall in their station.

Jacquie Quigg, Officer in Charge at the North Lakes Station, said, “Thank you so much for the beautiful thank you notes from your class! All of us here at North Lakes Ambulance Station have greatly appreciated the beautiful sentiments and drawings from the children of 2A. We have placed them in our hallway on the way to the ambulance units for all paramedics to see. It has really placed a smile on our faces, thanks again!”