Principal’s Briefing

Open Night 2017 seemed to be well received and I would like to thank our parents and extended family members for supporting it so well. Having all of you there enhanced the picture of Northpine that the many first time visitors took home with them. A big thank you to the many students who were so willing to be a part of the Open Night program again this year. Their dedication in preparing for the program and their commitment to excellence as they fulfilled their part is very much appreciated.  Of course the commitment of the Northpine staff was evident yet again and I feel blessed to work with such a great team of people who work together to make Northpine the great school that it is. I would also like to thank the P&F team as well as the Tuckshop team for their efforts on the night. They are very loyal in their support of the College and I know many people enjoyed the variety of food available to them that night including the tasty bites provided by our Home Economics staff and students and our Year 12 students. The grounds and facilities looked great thanks to the hard work of the Cleaning and Grounds staff. I understand that our Book Fair was also well supported.

Thanks to those parents and students who intend to attend our Year 6 Parent Evening. The transition into Middle School is an important one and we want to work together to make sure that each student is able to make that transition successfully so that they enjoy the variety of opportunities that Year 7 offers.

Our Yr 9 students are away on their camp at Somerset. I know that they will grow from the challenges that they face and we are blessed that the weather seems to have turned for the better. Thanks to the staff who have given their time and energy planning the camp so that our students can grow from the many experiences that they will go through.

Thanks to the D of E staff who braved the weather over the weekend on the Gold and Silver expeditions. I am told that it was quite miserable at times but that the students persisted and completed the challenge successfully.

It is difficult to believe that the term is half over. Exams begin for Yr 8-12 students next week so it is important that our students keep focused so that they give themselves the best chance of success.

Mr Tams, Mr Blake and I will be away next week for a system wide Australian and New Zealand administrators retreat. These events are run every two years and this year’s event will be held in Melbourne.  In our absence Mr Thrippleton will lead the Primary School and Mr Richardson will lead the Secondary school.

Thanks for reading our news.

God bless.

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal