Principal’s Briefing

Welcome to Term 3 and I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday.

I would like to welcome those families who have joined us for Term 3 and I trust you will enjoy your stay at NCC.

We are hosting another group of Japanese students from Fukui Commercial High School again this year.  Northpine students have always been very warm and welcoming to our visitors and this is a big reason they continue to visit Northpine each year. A big thank thanks to those families that are supporting the event by being host families. I am sure that the experience will also be a blessing to your family.  The students will be arriving on Monday afternoon 24 July and will leave us very early on the morning of Friday August 11.

I would like to thank our Yr 7 teachers and other support staff for planning the Yr 7 camp program for 2017.  From all reports they had a great three days away and survived the challenges that they encountered as well.

I would like to wish all the students involved in the Eisteddfod this week all the very best as they perform.  A huge thank you to the teachers and students for their efforts in preparing for these events and I know that they will learn and grow as they mix with students from other schools who are also challenging themselves.

I would also like to congratulate those students who are having a go at the Speech Competition this week.  All the best and thank you for being willing to take up the challenge.

One of our neighbours on Python Street has advised us that cars have been parking in their driveway during Dropoff/Pickup times. We ask that everyone please show courtesy to the residents around our school and only park in appropriate spaces.

Thanks for being a part of the Northpine family and taking the time to keep up with our news.

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal