Principal’s Briefing

Our Year 12 students have completed their exams and are enjoying a well-earned break at 1770 for the final camp of their school life. Next week is a busy week of activity and celebration for them, something they have looked forward to for a long time. Of course we will see them again at Awards Night on the evening of 5 December to celebrate the completion of their journey through school. Just a reminder that the important formalities we have planned for them next week include the sign-out activity on 14 November, their Dedication Service on the evening of 15 November, their formal on 16 November and finally they will join us for breakfast on Friday morning 17 November.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Parents and Friends Committee in supporting the College this year. The small leadership group, supported by a faithful group of parents have done a fine job in making important differences around the College and I would like to thank each of them for their hard work and dedication this year. Their final meeting for 2017, the AGM, will be held in the College Resource Centre on Tuesday 14 November at 6.30 pm.  Why not join us for that important meeting.

Late Term 3 parents received an email asking them to complete a re-enrolment form for each of their children for 2018. I would like to thank those parents who have completed and returned these forms. I would also like to encourage those who have yet to return these forms to do so as soon as possible so that we are able to complete our planning for the 2018 school year. Thank you for your help with this important process.

Parents of Year 3 to Year 6 students, please don’t forget the Inter-house Swimming Carnival this Wednesday at Redcliffe Pool. Always a great day of fun and competition.

Our Year 9 students have nearly completed their Challenge: The Next Step program for the year.  Their successes will be celebrated on Tuesday evening 21 November. I would like to acknowledge their hard work and thank them for their service to the community.  I also thank the teachers who have supported them on this journey and acknowledge the time and effort they have put into making this program the success it has been.

Each year around this time of the year I have the responsibility of sharing the news about any staffing changes for 2018. Mrs Hutton has shared with me that for personal reasons she will not be available to teach prep for us next year. Mrs Fraser has requested a change of role for 2018 for personal and family reasons and will be teaching PE for one day each week next year. Mrs Hamilton has also requested a role change for personal and family reasons and will be teaching Primary ICT for our Year 4 to Year 6 students next year. Mrs Rusterholz has shared that she is pregnant, so is planning on taking maternity leave from Term 2 in 2018. Mr Colquhoun has also informed me that for personal and family reasons he would not be available to teach at Northpine for 2018. Finally, Mrs Mothershaw, who has worked in our office for many years, has shared that she plans to retire at the end of this year. Each of these staff members has been an important and valued part of our Northpine staff and we wish them all the best as they embrace change for 2018.

Joining us on our Primary staff are, Mrs Julie Stefani who will be moving from filling in for Mrs Derrick in 1B to teaching Prep C for 2018. Mrs Michelle Doyle will be teaching Yr 1B for the remainder of Mrs Derrick’s maternity leave next year. Mrs Porter will be returning from special leave to teach Yr 2B in 2018 and Mrs Davey will move to Yr 4, teaching 4A. We welcome Ms Rippingale, who will be joining us on the Northpine teaching team to teach Yr 3C. Mr Fraser will be moving to the Secondary campus to teach in the Middle School. This is a new position for 2018, resulting from the triple stream moving from Yr 8 through to Yr 9. As a result of Mr Fraser’s move, Mrs Du Plessis will continue in her role teaching Yr 5B.  I would like to welcome these teachers to our team for 2018 and am sure that they will be a blessing to the students that they teach next year. I will share any other staffing changes that might happen with you in the next newsletter.

Enjoy the newsletter.

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal