Principal’s Briefing

Term 1 is half over and now is as good a time as ever to ensure that your student/s is/are settled in and achieving to the best of their ability. All too often students reach the end of Term 1 and realise that life has taken time at the expense of study. They then find that their report is not quite what they had dreamed it would be and the road back is frustrating and difficult. I would encourage all students to be diligent with their studies and on time with handing in their assessments so they will feel satisfied when they receive their interim report at the end of the term.

Our important Week of Worship (WOW) Program began for our Secondary students yesterday. Our Chaplaincy Team has put together a great program and the remake of the stage as a building site looks great.  Our speakers this year are our students. Year 9 students Kasey Gillespie, Cooper Redman, Ryan Boughen, Harrison Mega and Ava Wyers will be speaking to our Middle School students. Yr 11 and 12 students Natalia Perez, Teagan Laszlo, Jasmin Edser, Grace Archer, Lachlan Redman and Arielle Turnbull will be speaking for our Senior School Chapels. We are looking forward to their messages and pray that each of them will be blessed with clear minds and peaceful spirits as they share from God’s Word with their peers. The Infant and Junior WOW Programs begin on Monday 19 March.

Congratulations to those students who represented us at the Districts Swimming Carnivals over the last few weeks.  These events only happen because Mr Wood-Johnson and Mr Dever along with their staff and parent support teams give their time to organise and help run these events. I am very thankful for what they do.

Parent/guardians, if you have a need to enter the College during school hours then please do so by seeking permission and then signing in through School Reception. Thank you for your assistance with this important process.

God bless

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal