Principal’s Briefing

Term 1 has certainly flown by quickly and there has been a lot of fun, mixed with the serious business of study that is also an important part of the school experience.

Year 1 to 12 Interim Reports are now available for you to access via the Parent Portal. Prep interviews will take place tonight and Wednesday nights. The purpose of producing these reports is to give you an early indication of the progress that students have made to date. Teachers will indicate (a tick in the interview required column) on some reports that an interview is required. Please take the time to come in and discuss your student/s progress with their teacher/s. We have set aside the afternoon and evening of Wednesday March 28 between the hours of 3.30 – 5.30 and 6.00 – 7.30pm for interviews. If the teacher did not ask for an interview but you feel you would like to speak to them, you are most welcome to make an appointment. Now is the time to make the appropriate adjustments that will ensure the best academic result for 2018. If you have difficulty accessing your student’s information on the portal please contact the college.

Please use our on-line booking service to book appointments for yourself.  For those who are not familiar, instructions that will assist you with making your booking are included in this newsletter. The on-line booking system is now available for bookings. Please contact our office should you require assistance. Please note that P-6 interviews will take place in the classrooms and Yr 7 – 12 interviews will be conducted in the Performing Arts Centre.

The time has come to farewell a number of our teachers. Ms Tatiana Green is taking leave for personal reasons and we wish her much of God’s blessing as she leaves us. Her teaching load will be picked up by Ms Peta Tams who has been a part of the Northpine staff in the past. Both Ms Amanda Bond and Ms Melissa Rusterholz will begin their maternity leave and we wish them and their families the very best as they take leave from us for this important time. I am pleased to announce that Ms Philippa Graham will be joining us to teach Ms Bond’s classes and Ms Amber Cherry, who is well known to Northpine will teach Ms Rusterholz’s class.

This is a busy time of the year for everyone and we are all feeling tired from the term’s work, so staff and students are excited that there are only two days to go until we can enjoy a well-earned break.

Just last week I received complaints about the way some of our parents park when picking up their children in Python Street. They shared that parents are parking in and across driveways and are also driving faster than the speed limit and there is concern that this may put the safety of students who walk or ride home via Python Street at risk. They have lodged their complaint with the Moreton Regional Council and are considering calling Police. Traffic and parking concerns seem to make their way on to the P&F meeting agenda for every meeting. I would like to remind you of the importance of following driving and parking protocols whether you are on school property or on the streets around the College. It would be sad if anyone, particularly one of our students were to be injured because one of us demonstrated a lack of patience. Thank you for practising patience and following driving and parking expectations as we move into Term 2.

Term 2 will begin on Tuesday 17 April and students will be expected to wear winter uniform. Thank you for making sure that this is available for them this week.

Thanks for your support of Northpine and we wish you a safe and happy Easter weekend and school holiday.

God bless

-Graham Baird, Principal