Principal’s Briefing

Term 2 is winding to a close, the preparation of reports is well underway. These reports will be finalised and available in the Parent Portal by Friday 22 June at 3:30pm. This will help you to make informed decisions as you make bookings for Parent Teacher Interview Day which will be held on Thursday 28 June. (Please remember that this is a Pupil Free Day at Northpine). We have set aside time from 10:30am – 12:30pm, 1:30pm – 4:30pm and 5:30pm – 7:30pm for interviews. Appointments can be made online from Friday 22 June at 3:30pm. You can find information on how to make a booking here. This is an important process and I urge you make the time to come and discuss your child/children’s progress with their teachers so that we can better work together for their academic good in the remainder of 2018.

The final week of Term 2 will be a busy one with the ASSA Middle/Senior Soccer comp happening Monday and the Middle/Senior Athletics Carnival happening on Tuesday 26 June.  

We will also welcome our Yr 10 students back from Work Experience next week. Thank you parents for transporting them to and from work and we hope that the experience has given each of these students some clarity about the world of work and what they might like to study for the next two years to prepare for life after school.

This is the final official newsletter for Term 2 so it is important to remind you that Monday 16 July is a Pupil Free Day as teachers will be involved in in-service for the day.  Classes will begin on Tuesday 17 July for Term 3.

We have just discovered that there is a discrepancy between our 2018 operating calendar and the printed calendar that was given to each family at the beginning of the year. The issue is that Week 1 Term 3 in our operating calendar begins with Week 2 of the Secondary School timetable while the parent calendar begins with Week 1 of the timetable. Because so much work goes into the booking of facilities and programs, changing the operating calendar becomes quite a daunting task so we are asking that you use the corrected parent calendar accessible via this link or mark your copy of the calendar beginning with Week 2 and alternating every week through to the end of Term 4. I apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Mr Tams, Mr Blake and I, along with the other Principals and Deputies from our System of Schools will be flying out on a mission trip next Thursday and will be away for the first week of the holidays. We will be traveling to Samoa and while there we will be visiting a number of our sister schools to see how they operate as well as to support them. Our System and Schools have fundraised $20,000.00 that we will give these schools to help purchase much needed supplies and text books. The Northpine SRC have donated almost $4000.00 raised from gold coin donations from free dress days organised by the SRC. In our absence Mr Roger Wareham will manage the Secondary Campus and Mr Michael Thrippleton with be in charge of the Primary campus.

I hope that all of you find some time for family and fun over the mid-year break.

God bless

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal