Principal’s Briefing

I would like to thank the ladies who gave of their time to plan and run the Father’s Day Stall.  I know the students enjoy buying their fathers a present and these ladies provide the perfect opportunity for this to happen. I hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful Father’s Day.

Our Year 12 students sat the first day of their QCS exam today and will no doubt be very excited to be finished tomorrow. This is a significant part of their final year of schooling and they have been supported well as they have prepared to sit these important exams.  Thank you to the Secondary staff who planned for and are providing breakfast for them before their exams.

Our Year 10 & 11 students have returned from their camp and I understand that they had a great time away.  A big thank you to the staff who gave of their time and talent to make sure that the students had a fun and informative time away.  I would also like to thank the family members of our staff, who held the fort on their own while their spouses were away on camp.

Just another reminder that School finishes on Wednesday 19 September because of the number of people arriving to set up for big camp on Thursday.  College Reception will close Thursday 20 September and re-open for business on Tuesday 2 October.

Finally, I am reminded often that there are some parents who insist on stopping on the roadways in the middle of our carparks to wait for their children to arrive or until a park becomes available.  This causes considerable frustration for others and not only blocks traffic flow within the school grounds, but has resulted in Hughes Road East being blocked as well.  Please consider others and continue to circle so that we do not hold up others.

God bless

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal