Principal’s Briefing

This week is our final full week of compulsory education for Year 12 students. They are busy preparing for and sitting their final exams before they enjoy the celebratory activities we have planned for them. These activities include their Camp which runs from 5 to 9 November. On their return they will enjoy their final week with activities including the Dedication Service which is scheduled for a 7pm start on Wednesday evening 14 November, their Formal on Thursday evening, followed by breakfast on Friday morning November 16 which is their official last day of school. We look forward to saying our final farewells on our Award Night on Tuesday evening 11 December. We wish them clear minds and amazing memories for their exams this week.

Last Friday we celebrated World Teachers’ Day to acknowledge the contribution made by each of our teachers with a small gift as a token of our appreciation for their efforts. Our Northpine teachers give tirelessly to support their students and I thank them for their commitment and dedication to this important task on a daily basis.

Our Yr 6 students will head off on their camp tomorrow. I am sure that they will have a great time out at Camp Somerset making memories. Thanks to teachers and chaplains and other support staff for preparing for and supervising the camp.

It was great having our 2019 Prep students join us for a short time for Prep Orientation last week. We appreciated the parents taking the time to bring their children for the day and joining our Parent Orientation Program. A big thank you to the teachers and Administration staff who put the program together. Many parents commented that they enjoyed the day and found it beneficial.

Last Wednesday our Middle/Senior students participated in the Adventure Race. It was great that so many students supported the event and enjoyed the variety of activities prepared for them. Thanks Mr Dever and team for organising such a great event.

Thanks for keeping up with the news.

God bless

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal