Principal’s Briefing

It is hard to believe that November is more than half over and that we are busy thinking and planning for 2019.

Just a reminder that our Year 1-6 Awards Night Program is scheduled to begin at 6.30 pm on Monday 10 December while the Year 7-12 Awards Night Program will commence at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 11 December. It is important to be there and settled a little early so that we can start these programs on time.  This year, student reports will be available on the Parent Portal immediately following each of the Awards Night Programs.  Please note that it is important that parents supervise their students at all times on Awards Night.  As this is an official College function we expect that all students who attend are in full and correct uniform. Thank you for your support with these important requests.

Our Prep students will have their Christmas Program on Friday December 7 and they will receive their completion certificates at the end of that program.

Time has been set aside on Wednesday 12 December between the hours of 9.30 and 12.30 for parents to discuss matters of serious concern in relation to their student’s report. Please ring College Reception after 8.30am on Wednesday morning to make an appointment.

Each year we have some members of our team leave us to take up new responsibilities.  Having staff members move away is always sad but they go to their new place of employment with our blessing and best wishes for the future.  I would like to begin by acknowledging Mr Greenland who is retiring after many years of faithful service to Northpine and we would like to wish him much of God’s blessing for the future. Both Mrs Rowe and Mrs Rusterholz left on maternity leave earlier this year and were very ably replaced by Mrs Forbes and Mrs Cherry.  I would like to thank each of these ladies for their faithful service this year and wish them blessings for 2019 and beyond.  Ms Arnold, Mr Dever and Mrs Willcocks have been an important part of our team for a number of years now and all have had a positive impact on our students and our community in a variety of ways and we wish them much of God’s blessing as they move to other places to serve. Mrs Bond took maternity leave earlier this year and Mrs Philippa Graham joined us as her replacement. We wish them both much of God’s blessing as they follow His leading for the future. For many years, Mrs Borody and Mrs Green shared the responsibility of teaching our Home Economics classes.  Earlier this year Mrs Green left us and we had Mrs Tams join the team. We have been blessed by the work that each of these three ladies has done for our students. I am sure that we will see them around the College in some capacity or other in the future. Earlier this year we farewelled Mr Thorley from our IT Department. It is time to acknowledge his contribution to Northpine.

With the sadness of farewells we also have the joy of welcoming new members to the team. First I would like to welcome Mrs Doyle (Yr 3), and Mrs Martin (Yr 5) to our Primary team for 2019. It is great to be able to announce that Ms Kent (English/Science), Ms Campbell (Home Ec), Ms Murray (English/History) Mrs Westerink (Secondary NCCD Support), Mr Bastos (Maths/Science), Mr Metz (PDHPE/Outdoor ED) and Mr Richardson (PE/Bible) will all be joining us on the Secondary team for 2019.

Please note that the College Office will close for the holiday break at 3:30 pm on Friday 14 December 2018 and re-open for business at 8.30 am on Monday 7 January 2019. The office will also be closed for the morning on Thursday 13 December for our staff end of year celebrations.

Thanks for taking the time to keep up with our news.

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal