Principal’s Briefing

This time of year seems to bring discussion about traffic concerns and 2017 is no different. Hughes Road East is obviously quite busy in the afternoons and I am very pleased with the way our crossing is working. This initiative ensures our parents and students can cross in safety. With the advent of the crossing many of our parents are choosing to park on the streets in the estate opposite the college and this is becoming a source of frustration for the residents. I am receiving regular complaints from residents stating that our parents are driving too quickly, parking on residents’ lawns and across their driveways as well as in signed “no standing” zones. Can I please ask that we respect their rights as residents as we use their streets each day? We can often be in a rush to save a few minutes and cause more distress than the time saving is worth.

I also ask that we do not park in roadways and pick up zones as this also creates frustration and risk for our students. Please continue to drive around the loop until a park becomes available so that we reduce the frustration as well as the safety concerns that come with this practice. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your interest in and support for our Parent Evenings and ultimately the education of our important young people. A big thank you to our Northpine staff and administration for the time and effort they put in to preparing for and running the evenings. For many of you this will have been a long couple of weeks with several nights out. Thank you for making the time to come and meet with our teachers. I am sure that the information shared and the fact that we have been able to speak with so many of you personally will help make 2017 a great year for our students.

Our Year 8 camp kicked off this morning. I know a lot of effort has gone into planning this event by Mr Benard and his team and I am confident that our Yr 8 students will have a safe, enjoyable and profitable time away. We look forward to their safe return on Friday.

I would like to remind parents that our playground supervision begins at 8.15 each morning and finishes at 3.40 each afternoon. Please do not leave your students unsupervised outside these hours unless they are engaged in an authorised school activity. We have before and after school hours supervision available through the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) operated by our Childcare Centre for our primary age students and encourage you to contact them on 3204 6301 if you have no option but to leave your child at school outside supervised hours.

Take care and God Bless

-Graham Baird, Principal