Issue 9 / 26 May 2020

Mr Graham Baird, Prinicpal

Principal’s Briefing

I must say that it is great to have our classrooms and playgrounds full of students again.  For many, the novelty of learning from home had worn off, probably for both parents and students.  Lots of our students are excited that they can catch up with their friends face to face again which says something for a generation that are supposed to be social media enthusiasts.  There will be those who just need to come back to a familiar place to learn where they can be face to face with their teachers as opposed to relying on online communication. 

Did you know that our teachers are also excited about settling back into teaching and learning in the classroom routine as well!

It is difficult to believe that the term is already half over, and while we have pushed back our Secondary exams (check the new timetables) wherever possible, assessments and exams are not far off so we will all have to work together to be ready when they do begin.   

In a normal year I would have been sharing about our Annual Open Night, something about NAPLAN and a few other events that have been postponed or cancelled because of the restrictions associated with the COVID- 19 response, including those listed below: 


18 June – Yr 9 The Next Step (Teamwork Event)

18 June – Yr 3-6 Interhouse Athletics

22 June – ASSA Netball / Volleyball Carnival

POSTPONED – until further notice. 

3 June – Middle/Senior Athletics Carnival

11 June – Yr 8 Invictus (Network Event) 

We look forward to rescheduling these exciting events.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.


Mr Graham Baird – Principal

Tuckshop Munch Monitor

In accordance with the Government regulations on COVID-19, the Tuckshop will not be accepting cash for the remainder of the term.  All orders and snack purchases need to placed using Munch Monitor, by 8.45 am each morning, no bag orders will be permitted.  Orders after this time will not be accepted.

Students will still be able to use their Munch Monitor snack money throughout the week.  Please refer to the school’s website here for further details on how to set up a Munch Monitor account and the latest Tuckshop menu.


A huge welcome back to all our students, we’ve missed you!

Scholastic Book Club Issue 4 is now available online here.

If you wish to do so, please place your orders by Wednesday 10 June 2020.

Reading Rangers recommences in June with Group 1 (Prep) starting on Tuesday 2 June. Parents will be notified of the new procedures regarding collection of children. The other groups will follow each Tuesday after this. Please refer to dates on your Reading Rangers calendar and remember to bring along Reading Journals to share what you have been reading.

Premier’s Reading Challenge is underway. As well as the Certificates of Achievement and Participation presented later in the year, we also have rewards for each completed School Reader Record form submitted. There will be a beautiful prize medal for the Champion Reader from each year level (Prep to Year 9). The students receiving these medals will have completed their Reading Challenge as well as borrowing and reading the most books from our Library throughout the year. Also, remember the class with 100% of students completing their Challenge will receive prize money for a class party…so start reading!  More information on the Premier’s Read Challenge is available online here.

Makerspace is available again, with papercraft, colouring and paper puzzles being available. No games at this stage, but we will keep you posted. Students, please bring your own coloured pencils and markers.

It’s Library and Information Week 25 – 31 May. Please come join us for additional craft and activities in the Library during lunchtime. Monday – Year 4, Tuesday – Year 3, Wednesday – Year 5 and Thursday – Year 6. Tell us what you love or have missed about your Library, make suggestions and ask questions! See our staff to learn more about your Library.


Students wishing to go in the draw for a $25 QBD Books gift card drawn at the end of the term, may do so by placing an entry for every book they borrow into our jar. For Primary students, it is every book besides Class Library Time.


Careers Corner

The last five weeks while students have been learning online have gone quickly.  We are certainly glad that the students have returned to school this week.   While our Year 12 students are busy considering future pathways, TAFE Queensland who are closely affiliated with Griffith University have produced a VET pathways flyer containing all degrees that students can pathway into, using their VET qualification in 2021 if they desire to do so.

Griffith University is also running a bootcamp for Science on the GO! for Year 11 & 12 students.   This will be held in the school holidays.  The idea behind these Academic Bootcamps will hopefully give students a distinct advantage in progressing through their senior studies. It is designed and delivered by committed and enthusiastic lead teachers, who are specialists in the subject area and are currently teaching these topics in schools. The Academic Bootcamps are specifically designed to assist students to:

  • revise and consolidate knowledge in their subjects,
  • increase confidence in preparing for exams
  • provide invaluable tips on study skills and techniques specific to the subject
  • experience their subject matter from a different perspective
  • seek answers for specific queries and
  • give students an extra edge in upcoming exams and assessments.

Year 11 Bootcamp Dates: 29 June – 3 July 2020 (Monday to Friday) – ONLINE ONLY – Register here:

Year 12 Bootcamp Dates: 28 September – 2 October 2020 (Monday to Friday) – ONLINE or ON CAMPUS (TBA) – Register here:

Crazy Hat Day

On Friday, 22 May 2020, students and teachers in the primary school were encouraged to wear a crazy hat to school. Students learning at home and teachers working from home were also invited to participate in this fun activity.  Many people accepted the challenge, with some parents taking a lot of trouble to prepare beautifully decorated hats for their children.  Lots of great memories were created.  A big thank you to all who joined this fun event.

Students learning at home, we would love to see your crazy hat day photos.  Please send your photos to High resolution or full size photos would be appreciated where possible.  Thank you.

Reconciliation Week

This Wednesday begins National Reconciliation Week, 27 May – 3 June 2020, and this year’s theme has been titled, “In this together”. Teachers will be taking time to talk to their students about what this important week means in terms of building respect and understanding for all Australians. Students may see a short video clip, discuss what the word “reconciliation” means and understand why this is an important week on our school calendar and in the lives of all Australians.

Thank you to our Northpine OSH Club team for decorating the school gates.

More information can be found online here.

Pedestrian Crossing Safety

Drivers, please slow down and stop when a pedestrian steps onto a marked crossing!

We often have students walking down the pathway from the College towards the carpark next to the Pine Rivers Church. To walk to the Church carpark, students have been asked to use the pedestrian crossing. We ask motorists to please slow down, stop and wait for any pedestrian crossing the road in this area.

We thank you for helping to ensure the safety of our children.

Northpine Virtual Choir

As featured on the Northpine Christian College Facebook page, we are excited to share with you, ‘Way Maker’, performed by our Northpine Christian College Staff & Students’ Virtual Choir. Term 2, 2020.
Whilst we have been unable to meet together this term, we’ve still been able to sing together.

Welcome Back Secondary – Years 7 – 10

After five weeks of having the majority of our Northpine students learning from home, Monday morning had the energy of the first day of a school year! Our Year 7-10 Coordinators and their Pastoral Care teams all put on quite the ‘welcome back’ for our students with signs, balloons, chocolates, lollipops, and thoughtfully written messages. It has certainly been an interesting time with students, staff and parents having to adapt and work in new ways, but what has come out as a very strong message through it all, is that we are a tight knit community that has pulled through together in uncertain times. It is so great to have everyone back and for our campus to have vibrancy again!

Aimee Page – Senior School Coordinator

Fatality Free Friday

Fatality Free Friday is an annual campaign run by the Australian Road Safety Foundation. It is Australia’s largest community-based road safety day to raise awareness of the human cost of careless driving by calling for extra vigilance behind the wheel. In 2020, the national day of action is Friday 29 May. The Department of Transport and Main Roads is proud to support this important campaign, and calls on all Queenslanders to take the pledge to choose road safety, not just on Fatality Free Friday, but every day.

Take the pledge online here.

Uniform Shop

In accordance with the Government regulations on COVID- 19 for social and physical distancing, the uniform shop will be open by appointment only from 25 May – 4 June 2020. We ask that only one parent and one child attend the booked appointment. Please do not bring siblings where possible.

Please be aware payment can be made by debit or credit card.  Cash is not accepted at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.

for 25 May – 4 June
Book Online Here.
Use Booking code: nfv7z

If you don’t require an appointment please continue to use the online uniform shop here.

More information can be found on the College website here.