Issue 18 | 13 November 2018

Mr Graham Baird, Principal

Principal’s Briefing

Our Year 12 students have completed their exams and have returned from their well-earned break at 1770. This week is a busy one of activity and celebration for them with their Dedication Service on the evening of Wednesday 14 November, Formal on Thursday 15 November and finally their breakfast on Friday morning 17 November. They have looked forward to these celebrations for a very long time. Of course we will see them again at Awards Night on the evening of Tuesday 11 December when we celebrate the completion of their journey through school.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Parents and Friends Committee in supporting the College this year. Their final meeting for 2018, the AGM, will be held in the College Resource Centre tonight, Tuesday 13 November at 6.30 pm.  Why not join us for that important meeting.

Parents of Yr 3 to Yr 6 students, don’t forget the Inter-house Swimming Carnival this Wednesday at Redcliffe Pool.  Always a great day of fun and competition.

Our Year 9 students have nearly completed their Challenge the Next Step Program for the year.  Their successes will be celebrated on Tuesday evening 27 November. I would like to acknowledge their hard work and thank them for their service to the community. I also thank the teachers who have supported them on this journey and acknowledge the time and effort they have put into making this program the success it has been.

It will be a busy run to the end of the year so I am grateful for all the effort that staff, students and parents will put into the successful completion of 2018.

Enjoy the newsletter.

-Mr Graham Baird, Principal

Merit Awards

Merit Awards

Congratulations to our weekly Infant and Junior School award winners! Our students continue to excel in so many areas. Here are the names of our most recent Merit Award winners:

Class Week 5 Week 4
Prep A Braxton Allen
Amelia Stork
Annabeth Faafoi
Ryan Lane
Prep B Luca Felix di Sanctis
Thomas Miller
Jasper Vervoorn
Zachary Wojnar
Prep C Jacques de Villiers
Charlie Cooke
Bradley Miller
Noah Williams
1A Kate Barry
Slater Peet
Zelda Bello
Brax Springall
1B Zachary Cooper
Yun-Ah Sanders
Gabriella Sibanda
Alexander Hess
1C Byron Jennings
Jacob Hopkins
Levi Allan
Winter Rose Rosales
2A Emily Winwood
Freya McPherson
Tessa Meyer
Heidi Kleinsmit
2B Jack William Brumm
Luke Wojnar
2C Seanna Perumal
Runako Mazanhi
Juliana Ibraham
Ashton Schiermeier
3A Alfie Bullock
Arabella Tewes
Jake Magin
Charlotte Scott
3B Bronte See
Karson Grimsey
Joshua Barry
Eli Joseph
3C Simeon Barron
Colby Jordan
Ewan Mega
Maddison Hill
4A Jacob Perham
Thomas Kelso
Maya Wakerley
Patrick Naura
4B Hunter King
Audrey Manganti
Sidonie Birch
Emily Wiggill
4C Zion Pisia Amelia Balfour
Ezekiel Tuai-Tufuga
5A Giovanni Musso
Hamish McPherson
5B Jack Phipps
Cooper Borody
Luke Edwards
Louka Willcocks
5C Joshua Bichard
Ntando Ndlovu
Zaine Vardon
Pierson Castle
6A Oliver Barry
Shahil Ali
6B Eden Rabbas
Jabari Polig
6C Hayden Farnsworth
Musonda Kalwila
Music (P-2) Aayush Nair Emjay Mcdonagh
Music (3-6) Zion Pisia Claire Meale
PE (P-2) Jake LeClercq
Junior Muchedzi
Arieh Lehmann
Amayla Lumsden
PE (3-6) Zaine Vardon
Digital Tech (P-3) Junior Muchedzi Shayne Xavier
Digital Tech (4-6) Amelia Balfour Stella Mendoza
LOTE Willow Desmond
Max O’Leary
Jess Sarimbu
Kailin Thompson

Tidy Room Awards:

Week                P-2                                           3-6

4 2A 5A
5 2C 4B

Week 5 Infants

Week 5 Juniors

Year 12 Camp

During the week of 5-9 November, the Year 12s embarked on their final Northpine camp. They stayed at Seventeen Seventy and highlights included snorkelling at Lady Musgrave Island and journeying on a Larc multi-terrain vehicle, learning about some of the area’s history. The camp provided a great opportunity for students to spend some final moments with each other as a cohort.

For the staff who have journeyed through with them this year, it was lovely to make some final, lasting memories. We wish the Year 12s all the very best as they enter their big week of the Dedication Night, Formal, Year 12 Breakfast and Guard of Honour, and of course as they venture into the next stage of their lives.

End of Year Music Concert

On 12 November, our Northpine school community was treated to our annual End of Year Music Department Concert! With performances from our choirs, bands and string ensembles as well as student compositions and duets, the evening showcased a wealth of talent. We congratulate all who performed for their consistent efforts throughout the year and we celebrate with you all that you have been able to achieve.

Year 6 Camp

Excitement bubbled over as 83 adventurous young students gathered, with bags of equipment, ready to board the buses to go to Camp Somerset, for the Annual Year 6 camp.  Some were no strangers to the campsite, but for others it was their first time making use of the well designed and appointed campground.

The theme of the camp was ‘Teamwork’, along with the challenge of pushing the goalpost past that which had already been experienced. Many students found that fear can be ‘conquered’, with the assistance of a supportive team. Others found that they were capable of more than they thought, as they took part in Raft-building, Canoeing, the Koala Climb, Archery, Pool Pontoon and the Flying Fox.

This was the largest group of Year 6 students to go to this camp, and it is a big thanks to the Somerset Camp staff, Northpine staff and the cooks, that a very enjoyable time was had by all. (Yes, 83 tired but happy youngsters were returned to school on Friday afternoon.)

Invictus Games Athlete Visit

On Monday 12 November, Northpine Christian College had the honour of being visited by Carrie-Anne Bishop. Bishop is a former Australian Defence Force member who competed for Australia in the Invictus

Games in 2018. The Invictus Games is an international sports event in which injured Armed Forces members compete in various events.

Carrie-Anne spoke to Northpine’s High School students about her story leading up to her representing Australia last month. She joined the Army in 2002 and served in the Corps of Transport. During her service she was deployed to East Timor. In 2015 she was discharged because of injuries to her hips, back and shoulder sustained during her service.

Sport played a major role in Bishop’s rehabilitation, as it enabled her to get out of the house, exercise and socialise again. She decided to apply for the Invictus Games in 2018 and participated in Athletics and Sitting Volleyball.

Each Invictus Games athlete was given an ANZAC bear to give to a school of their choice as a way to raise awareness for the armed services personnel who have been injured or are struggling in their time after service. Bishop chose Northpine Christian College because her niece and nephew attend school there. The bear given to Northpine was a nurse, honouring the countless medical personnel who saved lives during the First World War one hundred years ago.

Year 12 Fitness Class Earns TAFE Certs

Students from Northpine’s Year 12 Fitness class have each completed a Certificate II in Sport & Recreation and a Certificate III in Fitness. This accomplishment was completed over both Years 11 and 12.

Huon Brosnan, Michael Craig, Abbey Edser, Chantelle Falls, Joseph Holland, Benjamin Holmlund, Natalia Perez, Kiah Vescovi, Liam Wilson and Jack Zacharias were all successful in completing the above mentioned certifications.

Most of the students were also enrolled in Senior Physical Education, however, this was not a requirement to be eligible for the course. All students underwent ten hours or more of industry work experience in gyms and with fitness professionals recently to finish their course competencies. Although some may not choose to work within the fitness industry in future, Vocational Education & Training in schools (VETis) has given them a head start and foot in the door to greater employment opportunities and early entry into the workforce with a qualification upon graduating from Year 12.

This graduating class was a tight knit group and worked very well together, helping each other achieve success. The class was a mix of outdoor education enthusiasts, coaches within their sport of expertise and gym buffs. We wish them all very well in their continued journey in health and fitness beyond the school gates. Their awesome attitudes and energy will be missed next year!

Library News Graphic

Library News

This is the last month for our after school book club, Reading Rangers. Thank you to all students who have attended throughout the year and to the parents for encouraging their children to read and participate in this program. We will send out information regarding Reading Rangers at the beginning of next year for anyone who would like to attend in 2019.

Last Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November, students who participated in the Premier’s Reading Challenge received their certificates from Mr Blake and Mr Thrippleton. Thank you to all teachers and parents for encouraging your students/children to read. Councillor Denise Sims and the Moreton Bay Regional Council kindly donated our prize money which went to the classes that had 100% participation from their students with all reading their required amount of books. We had many students who exceeded their goals, some even reaching 140 to 160 books! We look forward to even more students being involved next year.

We have started to welcome small groups of Year 2 students to enjoy Makerspace at lunch time on a Friday. In our Makerspace we offer Lego, origami, games, craft and much more.  Students from the different year levels (Years 2 to 6) each have an allocated day where students have the opportunity to enjoy many different activities.  In our Senior Space, the high school students can enjoy games, activities or just catching up.

Over the last month we have had many students volunteering to adopt-a-bay. This means each volunteer has an assigned bay where they ensure the books are tidy and the shelves are dusted. Having an assigned bay means they become familiar with the books in their area and many have found books to borrow they might not have seen before. Well done to all our lovely and enthusiastic volunteers, we really appreciate your assistance.

Displayed in our library at present is a vast array of summertime colouring pages by our Prep to Year 6 students. One will be selected from each year level to receive a summer fun pack. They are all so wonderful, it will be very difficult for our judges. Please feel free to pop into the library to have a look.

Please note, parents or guardians are welcome to sit and read with their children before or after school in our junior space.

Primary Sports News

Term 4 Swimming Carnivals

The Year 3-6 Junior Swimming Carnival will take place at the Redcliffe War Memorial Pool, 50 Sydney Street from 9:30am-2pm for all our Year 3-6 students on Wednesday 14 November (Term 4, Week 6). There will be 100m, 50m and 25m races on the day. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Infant Swimming Gala at Watson Park Pool Wednesday 28 November (Term 4, Week 8). This new format gala will take place over a period of three sessions throughout the day for each infant Year level. The schedule shows when the different year levels will be participating in their Gala event.

SESSION 1 YEAR 1 9:15am-10:30am Convenor: Mr Wood-Johnson
BREAK RECESS 10:30am-11:00am At usual eating area
SESSION 2 PREP 11:00am-12:15pm Convenor: Mr Conomos (Swim Instructor)
BREAK LUNCH 12:30pm-1:20pm At usual eating area
SESSION 3 YEAR 2 1:30pm- 2:45pm Convenor: Mr Wood-Johnson


Term 3 After School Sport

The Cricket After-School Sport Program will continue each Monday from 3:15-4:15pm until November 26 (Week 8) for those students who registered. Coach Jasper is putting the group through their paces in order to teach key cricket skills and gameplay concepts. 

Term 4 Junior School PE Programs

The Year 4, 5 and 6 classes have just completed their net games unit which included Speedminton and Badminton. Year 4 and 5 classes will finish the year with a target games unit focusing on Golf while the Year 6 cohort will be engaged in learning the net sport game of Spikezone (a mini-volleyball program).

Year 3 classes have just completed a unit on net games, incorporating tennis and spider tennis games and skills. They will finish the year by doing a Spikezone (a mini-volleyball program).

Alison Excels in Technology Studies

Northpine Year 12 student Alison Powell has been excelling in Technology Studies, producing a VHA10 through consistent application and passion for design. Her ability to empathise and design products for people less fortunate deserves recognition. She details the specifics of her project below:

“The task required us to design a product for someone with a disability to allow them to improve their quality of life. I selected people who are in wheel chairs who have difficulty accessing overhead cupboards in the kitchen. I designed a wheel system similar to a Ferris wheel that had rotating cupboards which come down to an accessible height to the user when a button is pressed. The cupboards suspended on the wheel were designed to store plates and other utensils. Technology studies is a great subject that immerses you in real life problems and allows you to explore innovative design solutions.”

Maranatha Aged Care Centre Concert

On Friday 26 October, Northpine’s Melodious Voices Choir visited the Maranatha Aged Care Centre in Kallangur. They put on an hour-long concert for the residents, who were having a birthday celebration. Students from the OSHC program also made birthday cards for the residents, who loved both the concert and the opportunity to interact with the students.

Australian History Competition Standouts

In May of this year, a number of keen History students from Years 8 and 10 took part in the Australian History Competition. This competition allows students to take the skills that they have learned in History class and apply these skills to various historical questions in the competition. Our students did very well and we are proud of all participants. Special mention goes to Ethan Haley in Year 8 who achieved a High Distinction. Also to be congratulated are Ethan Redman (Year 8) and Zoe Blunt (Year 10) who earned Distinctions.

Donation to Music Program

Northpine was recently honoured with a $500 donation to our music program. McGrath Estate Agent Craig Lea has been running a Community Giveback initiative. McGrath offers a $500 donation with every sale made to give back to any school, sporting club or not for profit organization chosen by the sellers.

Albert Cheong sold his home in Albion and chose Northpine Christian College to receive the donation because his granddaughter Isabella is a student here. The donation will go towards further developing the school’s music program.

Re-enrolment Forms

Thank you to those who have returned their re-enrolment forms to the office. If your forms are still outstanding please return them as soon as possible. This helps us best plan for the 2019 school year.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Bookings – January 2019

Uniform Fitting Appointments for back to school requirements are now open


  • 3 & 5 December — 9:00am – 11:00am
  • 21 – 24 January — 8:30am – 3:00pm


  • 8:30 – 11:00am by appointment only
  • 1:00 – 3:00pm no appointment necessary

Book Online:

Booking code: v6a9n

There are 4 places available for each time slot, so please book siblings together in the one time slot where possible.


If you want to escape the back to school rush, online ordering is available at

Orders will be processed after closing each day from January 21st to 29th and available for pick up the next day.  Sizing guides are available on the website.


Donations of second hand uniforms are welcome and sold in the shop.

Enquiries: 3204 5972 or

Northpine Alumni

Calling All Alumni!

Northpine has amassed a tremendously talented and diverse group of alumni throughout the years. Now, we want to connect with them, share news about their old school and learn about what they have been up to.

If you are a former student of Northpine Christian College, please visit this page and fill out the form. We also encourage you to share it with all of your classmates. If you have any questions or wish to share information with us, please email

Upcoming Events Photo

Upcoming Events

14 November: Year 12 Dedication, Junior Swimming Carnival

15 November: Year 12 Formal

15-16 November: Year 9 Outdoor Ed Canoe Expedition

21 November: School Tour

23-29 November: Year 10 & 11 Exams

For more info please visit our School Calendar