Secondary Week of Worship 2018

The Middle and Senior School Week of Worship has arrived. Beginning on 26 February, secondary students at Northpine will have an hour of chapel each day built on the theme “Equip”. Normally, they would listen to the same guest speaker throughout the week, but this time is different. Each day will see a new student speaker give a worship talk.

It is especially nerve-racking for young people to speak in front of their peers. Northpine’s staff are proud of these students for getting up the courage to speak their thoughts. Parents are welcome to join us in support. The Middle School (Yrs 7-9) meets at 8:50am every morning, and Senior School (Yrs 10-12) will meet at 11:00am. Below is the speaker schedule for the week.

Middle School Senior School
Monday Kasey, Year 9 Natalia, Year 12
Tuesday Cooper, Year 9 Teagan and Jasmin, Year 12
Wednesday Ryan, Year 9 Grace, Year 12
Thursday Harrison, Year 9 Lachlan, Year 11
Friday Ava, Year 9 Arielle, Year 12