Shining Lights

This year at Northpine Christian College our Primary School is enjoying a new Values Program entitled ”Shining Lights” and this is featured on a lighthouse display in each classroom. Every Monday we focus on a new value by learning what the value is and how to practise it.  So far we have learnt about the values of friendship, respect, flexibility and honesty.

Week by week, classroom teachers are also honouring students who practise the values by certificates and Honour Badges.

In our Northpine Christian College Newsletter we will be keeping you updated as to the values we are learning.  You are invited to follow our Values Program each week as our students take up the challenge of learning how live like shining lights at school and in their communities.

“Don’t hide your light!  Let your light shine for all.  Let your good deeds glow.  That way others will praise God.”

Matthew 5:16