Year 11 and 12 Visit to QAGOMA

On Friday 9 February, The Senior Visual Arts students visited the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Art Gallery as part of their unit of work studying “Surroundings” and “Human Condition”.  While learning about the artworks, students created imitations of the work they viewed and also participated in a photography activity.  Students used the opportunity to experience a variety of artworks to support their assessment for the work they are currently studying at school.

While visiting the Queensland Art Gallery, it was a great opportunity for students to view the extensive art collection featuring a wide range of works from Australia, Europe, North America and Asia, including paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, ceramics, and film.

The main attraction of the day was Life is the Heart of a Rainbow, which was an exclusive exhibition to the Gallery of Modern Art.  The exhibition brings together key pieces by the pioneer contemporary painter and sculpture, Yayoi Kusama, an innovative artist who redefined the idea of the representation of self through painting and sculpture. Together with her own pieces, the exhibition includes an innovative selection of work by leading modern and contemporary artists who have similarly challenged our understanding of the human condition. Our tour through both galleries gave the students insights into what it takes to create successful artworks that convey a strong viewpoint and the variety of ways to display an artwork.

This excursion offered students a wide variety of visual experiences and the opportunity to engage directly with their Art studies outside of the school setting. Students were inspired by both traditional and technological forms of creating art which they hope to show through developing their own works.

Many thanks to students for making the day a success by engaging and participating in a respectful manner, and special thanks to Mr Terry Bottrell for his travel support during the excursion.

-Mrs Stacey Coralde, Visual Art Teacher