Year 11 Biology Excursion

For our Biology excursion this year we went to the beautiful North Stradbroke Island. After a ride across on the ferry, we first went to the rock pools where we collected data from different zones on the rocky shore.  We saw barnacles, algae and many more types of organisms on this shore. The tide was coming in so most of us got pretty wet!

After that we had a quick stop at the mangroves to have a look around then off to the other side of the island. While at mangroves, we saw special adaptations of the plants and their special features. Before we concluded our morning session, we took a walk around the cliffs, where we had a look at some whales and then had lunch. For our first session after lunch, we visited Point Lookout sand dunes to study succession on the dunes.

For our final session, we made a quick stop to a strange biome called the Wallum Heath where the plants do not grow very large. After that, we headed back to the ferry to return home. Overall, it was a great day for our biology class where our knowledge was built upon and solidified. We gathered lots of data and learned heaps of information from the facts Mr Wilson shared with us about Stradbroke and its long history.

-Lachlan Redman & Lachlann Smith, Year 11 Biology Students