Year 12 at UQ Human Movement Studies

The Senior Physical Education class experienced a morning at the University of Queensland where some students participated in a variety of exercise physiology practical labs. An exercise physiologist from the School of Human Movement Studies conducted an aerobic test and two anaerobic tests. Huon Brosnan was prepared to do an aerobic capacity (VO2max) test to exhaustion on the treadmill. Head gear containing a mouthpiece and nose clip were attached like a snorkel to Huon to enable oxygen, carbon dioxide and air volumes to be measured. The test began at a low workload for 1-2 minutes after which the workload was progressively increased until he indicated to stop. In addition, Abbey and Jasmine Edser, Ben Holmlund and Michael Craig completed the anaerobic tests lasting 10 and 30 seconds on a stationary bike. They were required to sprint at 100% effort for 10- seconds or 30-seconds. The students proved they were very fit and Huon’s performance saw him reach an excellent VO2max result – 65%! In a male aged between 15-30, a VO2max reading of 51 and above is “high” according to HMS standards. Amazing effort at UQ’s HMS!

-Jodie Peet, Health & Physical Education, Certificate 3 in Fitness Teacher