Year 4 Bicycle Safety Education

During the week of 21-25 August, the Year 4 class engaged in a bike safety class run by PCYC Pine Rivers in Lawnton. They learned about bike safety, road signs and how to properly ride their bikes on busy roads. They even rode around a track simulating a public road. Here are what a few students had to say about it:

“The thing I like about Bike Education is that you get to learn bike safety and about the four ‘S’. They are Stop, Stand, Signal and Scan.” – Neueli

“At Bike Ed. we learned a lot of road rules including: indicating, traffic lights, emergency brakes and pedestrian crossings.” – Roman

“My thoughts about Bike Ed are unexplainable. The place was awesome.” – Daniel

“We learnt about how to be safe on our bike, rules of the road and to know if our helmet is good to use.” – Marius

“I loved it so much I want to go again! I learnt so much and it was a great experience.” – Hamish