Year 8 Geography Excursion

For our Geography excursion this year, we first went to Osprey House, where we learnt about our native mangroves and the effect that they have on North Pine River.  We also learnt about the effects that we, as humans have on the environment around us, and how to interact more sustainably with the area around us. The volunteers at Osprey House told us a little about the history of the area, the animals that in past made their home there, as well as the animals that live there now. The students collected some photos of a range of environmental processes to help them in their upcoming assessment.

After that, we headed over to Brighton beach, where we enjoyed lunch (and some time on the playground), overlooking the ocean nearby. We then took some photos of the different types of environments around the beach, and the students recorded some observations of the geomorphic, cultural and biotic processes that they observed. We took the lesson on sustainability to heart that we heard at Osprey House. Each group of students collected rubbish from around the beach. We were amazed that in the end we found six garbage bags full (as well as a spare tyre).

Overall, we walked a lot, and the students have been given the opportunity to develop a range of skills in observation that will help throughout, not just this semester in Geography, but throughout the rest of their schooling.