A “Dam” Good Time – Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Training Camp

On the 15th -17th of March, a group of 19 students participated in the Bronze Training Camp for 2024 where they explored and navigated the beautiful Bellthorpe National Park, near Woodford. This weekend tested the participants’ fitness, ability to carry their gear in their pack and perseverance. Most managed to keep their feet dry over the several creek crossings we had to traverse until we arrived at a serene waterhole with a small waterfall. Many swam to cool off after the uphill hike, while others enjoyed their lunch and a relax before heading off on the trail again. After walking for a little while longer, navigating using only a map and a compass, all groups made it to our campsite – Running Creek Parklands.

Running Creek Parklands is a beautiful camping spot with large open areas with shaded trees by Running Creek and views of the majestic Mount Beerwah. The participants enjoyed swimming in the creek and making dams before setting up their tents and cooking their camping food essentials (noodles.) All students also had a go at making damper over the fire with sticks later in the evening!

The next day, students traversed a circuit up and down some extremely steep tracks and back into the camp. All students made it and worked together to carry their daypacks and navigate through some challenging terrain. This challenged each group and tested their determination and ability to push through, despite the discomfort. Our team was relieved to see their campsite again and enjoy another afternoon spent in the creek – and making an effort to catch up on their logbooks.

The next morning all groups worked on a navigation and map reading exercise. To finish the morning students enjoyed the waterholes in the creek and added stones to a rock wall which acted as a dam.

Over the weekend students learnt to orientate and read a map, use the CB radio, navigate a planned route, carry a pack, use a cooker to prepare their own food and to pitch and pack up a tent. Congratulations to all our participants for completing their first training camp! We look forward to the next Practice Expedition when participants get to practice the skills they have learnt in the fine art of bushwalking.

Thank you to our volunteers, Mr Hobson, Mr Wilson, Miss Bradford, Mr Chester, Luisa Coleman and Clayton Forbes.

Amity Bradford
Gold Participant/Teacher

Northpine Christian College is proud to provide students an opportunity to be part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.  The Duke of Edinburgh Award is open to any young person from 14 years, and it challenges students to develop in a holistic way. Please see Mr Hobson or Mr Wilson or check out the link to the Duke of Edinburgh Award on the school start page for more information.