Cultivating a Kingdom Culture – Secondary WOW 2024

As Term 1 comes to a close and we get to sit back and think upon the highlights of this amazing start to our year, our minds replay one particular event – our Secondary Week of Worship.  During Week 6, Northpine’s Middle and Senior School came together to participate in our annual Week of Worship or “WOW” as we call it. We had the privilege of having Pr Roland Talamaivao-Amituanai from Adelaide speak to the students each day, highlighting the theme of the week “Kingdom Culture” and how our students can apply this in their everyday lives.

Each day started with an ice-breaker called “Shark Tank” where students were given a task to create a product based on the day’s theme. They then had to pitch their product to the sharks and convince the sharks to invest in their product.  It was awesome to see the creativity and confidence of each student who volunteered to be a part of this activity.

We were also so proud to have a completely student-run band for this year’s program.  Our Middle and Senior School Worship bands truly went above and beyond with their praise and it was a blessing to see so many new students wanting to be involved this year.

On the final Friday, Pr Roland put forth a call, encouraging any students wanting to give their heart and hands to one of 4 amazing service areas, to put their name on their chosen board. Each board represented a different aspect of “Kingdom Culture”, from Heart of Service, Bible Studies and Baptism, to how they would like to dedicate their future career to God.  From this alter call, we had an outstanding number of students seeking out this higher level of spiritual connection with 39 students putting their name down for baptism, 47 for further Bible Studies, 100 students wanting to offer their time in service and 50 students wanting to find a way to include God in their career paths.  Praise God!

Although Friday was our final school day of WOW, our College Church Refresh held our final Week of Worship program.  We had a great turnout by students & their families and we hope they were as blessed as we were.

Our Chaplaincy is busy preparing for our Primary WOW kicking off next week where we have Pr Leathan Fitzpatrick sharing with our primary students the theme of “Limitless”!  We cannot wait to see you all there.

Northpine Chaplaincy Team