Down & Dirty for Our Year 8 Camp

Our Year 8 students embarked on an unforgettable adventure during their recent camp, where they not only explored nature and participated in WW2 themed activities but also discovered the true essence of bravery, teamwork, and leadership.

Our annual camp to Emu Gully is centered around our Year 8 Invictus program that aims to foster and grow resilient men and women. The camp provided a brilliant opportunity for our students to demonstrate their courage as they worked as one to complete daring activities and obstacles.  These feats all culminated with a crawl through the infamous Kokoda Trail Mud Crawl.

I’d like to thank our Year 8s for their resilient nature during our camp, and I hope they are able to demonstrate some of the lessons learnt during camp at home and at school. Thank you as well to our dedicated staff members (Mrs Green, Mrs Hedges, Mrs McAndrew, Miss Watts, Mr Southon, Miss Edser and Pastor Shaun) for facilitating such an amazing memory for our students!

Sahil Nath
Year 8 Coordinator