The new school year is underway and we often get asked “How do my kids catch the bus” and “Am I eligible for a Bus Pass?”. To help answer your questions we’ve put together some helpful guidelines and tips to assist with your enquiries.

Catching the bus

Students will either need a “TransLink GO Card” or a “Bus Travel Assistance Card” to travel on all student school bus services.

If student/s have a 2023 bus pass, they are current until 29th February. Some Bus Passes are still available to be collected from the Burpengary Depot.  Otherwise, a new application will need to be completed.

A friendly reminder that all KBL bus services are still not accepting cash payments for bus fares or cash for Bus Card top-ups.

  1. TransLink GO Card: A payment option for school bus travel is the Translink GO Card system. If you are not eligible for one of the below transport assistance schemes, you can still get discounted daily fares by using a Go Card. These cards are available for purchase from your nearest Train Station and some news agencies provide this service.
  2. Bus Travel Assistance Card:  Eligibility: There are two types of travel assistance options, “Bus Travel Assistance” which is based on kilometers and “Safety Net Assistance” which is based on concessions / pensions.
    Paperwork: If you believe you’re eligible, the correct paperwork will need to be completed either online or at our Head Office in Burpengary. We recommend you submit this paperwork as soon as possible.
    Processing: Bus Pass applications can take up to ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days for processing.
    Collection: Bus Passes can be collected from our Burpengary Depot, Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm. We encourage all parents to visit our Head Office to avoid processing delays.

This is just a quick guide to the school bus pass system so if we haven’t specifically answered your question, please call our office on 1300 287 525 or call in and visit us at 2 Motorway Drive, Burpengary.

Lost Property Procedure 2024

There have been changes to our procedures which will affect the way “Lost Property” is dealt with in 2024:-

  • If BUS PASSES are lost, parents will have to call into the Depot to have another bus pass printed
  • UNNAMED ITEMS (eg: Hats, Clothing and Water Bottles) will be held at the Depot until end of term and then these items will be disposed of
  • NAMED ITEMS (eg: Hats, Clothing and Water Bottles) an email will be sent to the school to notify parents.  If these items are not collected by the end of term, then these items will be disposed of
  • Any items lost by a child on the bus and found will need to be collected from the Depot, if not collected on the day, then will be held for three (3) months and then disposed of once the three (3) months has expired

Collection from the Depot at 2 Motorway Drive, Burpengary will be Monday – Friday between 8am and 4 pm