Out and About with our Prep Classes

The start of 2024 has been great in Prep. We have had lots of fun experiences to enhance our learning. One of these is the Teddy Bear’s Picnic excursion at Creek Park. Everyone brought their special soft toy along to the picnic and we enjoyed a coach ride in a big bus, a snack and a play on the play equipment. Despite the extreme heat, fun was had by everyone. A lot of tired Prep students returned to school clutching their Teddy with big smiles on their faces.

Last week in phonics we learnt the ‘P’ sound. On Friday everyone in Prep came to school dressed in their pyjamas. We had a giggle when we did a ‘Pyjama Parade’ for our buddies during Gross Motor. Making the ‘Teddy In Bed’ cookie was a bit messy but fun as we got to take it home for a tasty afternoon treat. We finished off our Pyjama Day with songs, stories and a pyjama craft. There was also no need for anyone in Prep to change into their pyjamas when we got into bed on Friday night! We loved our Pyjama Day.

Gaynor Blake
Prep B Teacher