Primary Grip Conference

On Feb 22nd, we had the pleasure of attending the GRIP Leadership Conference Day! Student Leaders from our Primary School got this amazing chance to spend a day soaking in tons of ideas to lead our school better this year. It was like a brain boost for leadership!

We played games and made friends with students from other schools, which made the long trip to the Sunshine Coast totally worth it. They handed out this awesome activity book that saved the day! We jotted down all the cool ideas we got from other students who attended the conference.

If you got to go on stage, you were given these awesome free badges!  The presenters were great and offered us so many important leadership nuggets. Our favourite presenter was Andy; he turned the whole day into a big, fun day.

We believe lots of student leaders left the Conference feeling inspired to take all the ideas learned back to their own schools. A big thank you to our school for giving us this chance! We can’t wait to start using some of the cool ideas we picked up at the Conference at Northpine.

Northpine Primary Student Leaders