Principal’s Briefing

Dear parents and friends of the community,

It gives me pleasure to bring you an update on where we are at here at Northpine Christian College.

School started well for Term 2 – almost like we never left the place.  This allowed both students and staff to hit the ground running and get straight on with the business at hand.

Week 1 saw the College finally get to hold our annual Cross-Country. This was a classic case of 3rd time’s a charm, and we are very grateful to the efforts of both Mr Richardson and Mr Gibbs alongside their amazing teams who made the events take place without a hitch.

There was a commendable effort from the students who fought hard right to the finish line. Thanks to our chaplaincy team, there was also a great carnival atmosphere. I wish to personally thank all students who participated for their amazing efforts and wish to acknowledge all those who made it through to the District Sports. Congratulations all on your wonderful efforts.

Week 2 saw the whole school come together for the NCC ANZAC service. This was held in the Sports Centre, and I wish to thank all students for the respect they showed as well as the wonderful efforts of the band that played both the Australian and New Zealand National Anthems. Well done everyone.

As we continue throughout the term, please make sure you keep a close watch over those in your care. The winter months can tend to drag out and we want to make sure that all our students are cared for in every way – physically, mentally, socially, and academically.

I pray that you, as family of NCC, remain close to the creator and that the love of Jesus spills over you as you as you journey throughout life.

Nicholas Thomson