Welcome to the New Northpine Library

Welcome back to Northpine Library – New Year, New Look and New Books! 😊

During the holiday break, our Library space has undergone a significant change. We would love to encourage our Community to drop by and take a look at our new space!  We now have our Primary and Secondary Deputies and College Finance team sharing a section of the library. This is an exciting time and we cannot wait to see how this transformation helps our students in their learning as well as our greater community.

All Parents are welcome to come to read a book in the library each morning before school begins. Our library opens for Secondary Students at 8:00AM and Primary students at 8:15AM. We do ask that our Prep students come into the library with either an adult or an older sibling in the morning. They are also able to loan out a book with their parents. During the week, they will come to the library with their class.

This year siblings Ryan & Mia Caldwell took on the challenge of creating a new artwork at the entry to the library. We love being able to showcase the incredible skills of our talented students in our College library and we are grateful for the many students that get involved in this space!  Thank you Ryan and Mia for your beautiful artwork.

Library Lovers Day

February 14 is Library Lovers Day, but we are going to celebrate all week! This is a time to encourage reading and the importance of Libraries. During Week 4 (12th -16th Feb) any students who borrow extra books (outside of the normal class borrowing time), will have their names put into a draw for a special prize.

Rowena Gamborg