Primary Merit Awards

Congratulations to our weekly Infant and Junior School Merit Award winners! We are so incredibly proud of all our students who continue to excel in so many areas. Here are the names and photos of our Merit Award recipients for Weeks 6 and 7.

Class Week 6 Week 7
Prep A Nova and Robert Joshua, Tamati and Archie
Prep B Brenton and Nova Jevon and Aiden
Prep C Estelle and Lucian Belle and Freya
1A Aria and Zara Isabella and Lars
1B Kate and Oliver
1C Rohan and Lilly Pavish and Harper
2A Noah and Jet Tinodaishe and Mia-Rose
2B Arya and Hannah
2C Charlotte and Anya Isaac and Esther
3A Sione and Madison No Parade for Junior School
3B Drishay and Elijah
3C Liam, Thomas and Annabeth
4A Ethan and Ari
4B Joshua and Noah
4C Oswald and Faith
5A Lochlan and Riley
5B Harry, Shayne and Annabeth
5C Saphina and Dominic
6A Olivia and Benjamin
6B Chester and Abigail
6C Ashleigh, Ewan and Mitchell
Music P – 2 Henry (1C) and Blake (1A),
Music 3 – 6 Lucy (5C),
Sports P – 2 Suemin (2A), Kaino (1B), Ryan (2C) and Zane’ (1A)
Sports 3 – 6 Aryan (6C) and Faith (4C)
Digital Tech P – 3 Emilee (1B),
Digital Tech 4 – 5 Riley (5A)
Tidy Room Awards
  Prep – Yr 2 Yrs 3 – 6
Week 6 Year 1A Year 5B
Week 7 Year 2A No Parade



Infant Merit Award Recipients Term 4 Week 6

Junior Merit Award Recipients Term 4 Week 6

Infant Merit Award Recipients Term 4 Week 7