Principal’s Briefing

Welcome to 2020.  What a crazy summer!  My thoughts and prayers are with the many Australians that are experiencing drought and fires and even rain and hail. For some it will be an inconvenience while for many others it has been devastating and for too many it has been tragic.  As the recovery process builds momentum because of the generosity of so many we pray that people and the land can experience healing and prosperity again soon.

Our Year 12 cohort will be heading up past Noosa for their camp tomorrow.  This is the beginning of their final year of school and we believe that starting it together will allow us to provide a mix of fun and focus that will set them up for a great 2020.

We have had a number of new staff and students join us for 2020 and I am sure that you will make them feel very welcome as they settle in for the year.  We also have many new families joining our community this year.  Please make them feel supported and at home.  Ms Stephens and Mr Baskin are not able to start the year with us and I welcome Ms Chinia and Ms Fleming who will fill their roles until their return. Mr Wood-Johnson accepted a new job late 2019 so will not be a part of our team this year.  I welcome Mrs Lauren Fraser on staff to teach Year 3 – 6 PE and manage the primary sporting program.

We have had a busy summer and are pleased with the improvements that have been made to the Administration Office which will function much better.  We have also made big improvements to the Year 10 & 11 eating area as well.  Still some work to go in this space but exciting improvements and we should see turf being laid on the oval development in the next few weeks as well.

Thank you to the many who attended our Primary Meet and Greet and Secondary Registration Day.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this year and I pray that God’s Spirit will be with us as we work together to educate the important young people we share responsibility for.

Looking forward to a great 2020.

God Bless,

Mr Graham Baird – Principal